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WordPress Ping List For Faster Indexing

Written by Adarsh M

WordPress ping lists are helpful for faster indexing!

Yes, it’s true. But how? What’s it doing by Pinging?

Whenever we update a post or publish a new post the WordPress will notify the ping services about the update and the crawlers or search engine spiders crawl the site and index it faster.

There are many search engine on the web but we don’t know most of them. Even Google has for Indian users, for UK users. To index fast on all search engines, we should inform all of it. The ping services will help you ping all ping services and index your posts faster on search engines.

By default, WordPress ping many Ping Services automatically whenever we make any changes on the site. But we can add more ping list to it for better reach and faster indexing.

    WordPress Ping List

    How to use the Ping List?

You can add more ping services by following this,

  • Login to your WP Dashboard
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Writing
  • Paste the ping list on the box
  • Click on Save Changes

    URL Auto Pinger Bot

I have something more for you 🙂

Here’s a URL Auto Pinger Bot that can help you ping your site’s link to search engines. It is a software that runs on Windows 7,8,10 installed computers.

You can download this bot for free from here.

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