Wikipedia Broken Link Building Technique

How much do you spend every month for quality links for your site or client site?

If you’re a person who cares about the link quality, you should be spending a lot on link building. But are those links worth the price you paid?

Have you ever paid for a link from Wikipedia?

If paid/not paid (doesn’t matter) you won’t be paying again for a link from Wikipedia after reading this guide.

The Process of Building Wikipedia Links

Find and replace dead links with your link (only if your content is of high quality) is the only step involved here.

  • Find Wikipedia pages with dead links.
  • Write content on your site.
  • Replace the link in Wikipedia with your link.

We can’t take an external link from anywhere around Wikipedia. There are Notes, Reference and External links for that. If you have contributed something to Wikipedia, then you can add a link in external link or notes section which helps others verify your answer or to prove the authenticity of your answer in Wikipedia.


How to find Wikipedia Broken Links

We are using some footprints here to find Wikipedia pages with broken links. + Keyword + “dead link”

 You can replace the word ‘Keyword’ with your keyword according to your niche.

If your niche is Blogging, then replace ‘Keyword’ with ‘Blogging’.

site wikipedia org blogging

As shown, you can find as many as links you need. But don’t spam. If you try to spam, your links will be removed, as most of the changes will be verified by others users and moderators of Wikipedia.

Have you found the Wikipedia pages with dead links?

You can use Ctrl+F to search for the dead links more efficiently.

wikipedia dead link
wikipedia dead link

If you search for the keyword ‘dead link’ in that page, you will see it highlighted and those links with the tags [permanent dead link] and [dead link] are the links you need.

You found the dead links.

You can find more dead links using the same method or you can use Wikigrabber for that.

It helps to find wikipedia pages with dead links faster. You need not search on Google with footprints if you are using Wikigrabber.

Wikigrabber also shows the pages which need the citation.

Enter the keyword and search to find the wikipedia pages with dead links.


How to Get the Free Link from Wikipedia Link

You can sign up on Wikipedia and start editing.

You can’t paste any links on wikipedia you want link to with any keyword and spam it. So, before replacing the dead link, replicate the dead page on your site.

You can find almost every dead pages on and replicate that page on your site.

Before that check, if the dead page is deindexed or not in Google, if it is not deindexed it will create copied content issue for your site.

Sometimes, some links will be removed if found not useful by the moderators.

Create high quality links with Wikipedia and share this post if found useful to you. Thank you.

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