How To Verify Tumblr Blogs On Google Search Console

How to verify Tumblr blogs on Google Search Console or how to index Tumblr Web 2.0 links (if nothing else worked) is what you will be reading here.

To rank your posts on Google, you need to submit it to Search Engine Console. But when it comes to web 2.0, we can’t take that risk every time. So, we tend to use indexers, ping services, and social signals to index our web 2.0 blogs.

And that doesn’t work every time, right?

So, what you can do is, Submit to Search Engine via Search console. And here’s how you can submit and verify your Tumblr blog to search console.

It’s  important to index your Tumblr blogs in the search engine to get the Link Juice from it, your Web 2.0 Backlinks from it.

Recently Tumblr changed the redirect type to href=”” + Your URL. But you will get the link juice from it 🙂 So, you can continue building your Web 2.0 with Tumblr.

We will talk about web 2.0 in another post, and for now, I will tell you, how you can verify the site on Google Search Console.

  • Open Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tools
  • Sign in to webmaster tools with your email id that you have used to create your Tumblr blog

(You can use any email id on Search Console. But if you are using Tumblr for Web 2.0, then I recommend you to sign up on Search Console using the same email id that you have used to create your Tumblr blog. You can avoid Foot Prints this way.)

google search console

  • Type your Tumblr Blog URL in the box
  • Click on Add A Property
  • Now, you need to verify that it is your blog

  • Click on Alternative methods tab
  • Choose HTML tag as the method to verify your site
  • Copy the HTML tag


Now, we can go to

  • Open Tumblr and login to your account
  • Open your Tumblr blog

  • Click on the icon shown in the symbol.

It will be in the top-right corner of your Tumblr blog. It will take you to customization page of Tumblr.

tumblr edit theme

  • Click on Edit HTML

tumblr verify

  • Search for </head> tag
  • Paste the Copied HTML tag from Search Console above </head> tag
  • Click on Save

Now, go to Google Search Console again!

  • Click on Verify after verifying the Captcha.

You have verified the Tumblr blog on Google Search Console Successfully.

Your site is submitted, but that doesn’t mean your site will be indexed. So, submit your sitemap to Search Console.

If you want to force index Tumblr post from which you have taken the link to your money site, then you can Search “Add URL” on Google and submit the post URL on it to get the link index fast.

Well, I am scraping some Expired Web 2.0 here! :p

Will share the case study once I rank for it. Share your thoughts on Tumblr Web 2.0 here.


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