Working Tips To Get More Email Subscribers

Do you mind if you see an increase in your email subscribers? No, right?

And I think, you will love this! But how to increase the subscribers?

Is this guide going to help you increase email subscribers?

Yes, you can see an increase in your email subscribers if you follow these simple and easy tips.

If nothing is impossible and if it is working for me, then it will work for anyone. And I think that you know why you should convert your readers into subscribers.

So, here are some of the methods that worked for me and are proven to be working with famous marketer and bloggers. I’m just recollecting what I observed from different blogs and websites about how they collected the email ids from their readers.

[h]Case Studies Are Trending Now[/h]

If you are proving something which is useful and if you ask your readers their email ids instead of it, they will be glad to submit their email id in your subscription box. And in most of the cases, you don’t need to ask your readers to subscribe, if you are providing some real value with your content.

Writing a case study is not something simple. It needs a lot of hard work. But it definitely worth the time and money spent on it. Such a post contains each and everything they did to attain the success and how you can follow their method to gain the same or more.

I would love to mention one of the best case studies I have read recently. And it was the Micro Niche Guide by Udit Goenka. Such guides make us subscribe to their updates without them asking for it.

The only thing you should do is, create quality content+place an easy to find and use subscription box on your sidebar or somewhere it looks great fit.

Make sure you are writing something new and it contains some value or it can help others. Case studies work better as it would contain proofs and everything proving it as a working method and your readers would be ready to follow your technique and to subscribe for your future updates.

[h]Words That Trap The Reader’s Mind[/h]

If you have visited or, then I think you have seen how they use their words.

When someone ask you that, ‘do you want free traffic?‘, can you say no and continue reading the post? Maybe you can if you are getting enough traffic.

Is enough traffic enough?

So, what’s enough traffic? If you are getting 20k page views per month, is that enough for you? Maybe it has the potential for 100k page views per month.

No bloggers can leave this page without clicking on the CTA button at least once. So, why do the readers click here? Because those words are trapping their minds and they can’t go away without knowing his SECRET TECHNIQUE for growing traffic to his blog.

So, you got it, right?

You can use Welcome Mats or anything convenient to collect email ids from your readers but create awesome words to catch your reader’s eye and mind simultaneously.

[h]Free Online Courses[/h]

It would be a game changer if you can provide a free online course about something related to your niche. I have seen some people getting a high response to free online courses related to Blogging Niche.

You can see bloggers providing free online courses in many blogs like and other authority blogs. You can offer a 30 Days Blogging Course or WordPress course if you are in Blogging Niche. By this, you can collect a lot of email ids.

You can use email marketing software like GetResponse, MailChimp, Aweber, etc. for automation.

Why Automation?

It will send your subscribers the course via email with some time gap, almost like this.

  • Welcome email on Day 1.
  • Introduction to the course on Day 2.
  • Details about sub-topic 1, 2, 3, etc. on other days.
  • The conclusion in the Final Day.

You can try automation free for 30 days by GetResponse here.

[h]Create PDF of Your Posts[/h]

You know, everyone doesn’t get enough time for reading blog posts. So, they will bookmark and read it again after sometimes. But what if they can download the blog post?

Yes, you can ask your reader’s email id so that you can send them the blog post as PDF. You can see that every post in has a PDF download option which enables the user to download the complete blog post as a PDF file.

If you don’t want to do this or if you are worried about the traffic, then you can try creating a Start Here page as in or and you can write an Exclusive post or combine links of all your Cornerstone articles.

[h]Create a Conversion-Optimized Front Page[/h]

See the front page of,, What’s similar in this?

They are all conversion optimized. Have a look at

He has now updated the page with an even better and simple one.

Isn’t this looking awesome? Didn’t you feel like clicking on it and subscribing after spending some time on the site?

  • He began with an introduction video about the webinar on marketing. He used the video instead of the text!
  • A popup appears after a few seconds asking your preferred time, name and email id for joining the webinar.
  • Those words, “YES, I WANT NEIL TO TEACH ME HOW TO GROW MY BUSINESS” creates a thought in mind about the webinar.
  • The front page is all about his webinar.
  • All the main CTA buttons are the links to open the popup to register for the webinar.
  • The countdown timer increases the excitement in the readers.

Here’s the popup, have a look at it too!

If you want more conversions, then create awesome front pages that can convert your readers to subscribers. You can use page builders in WordPress to create awesome pages. Some of the best page builders are,

  • Visual Composer.
  • Thrive Content Builders & Landing pages.

Make sure you have something special for your readers on the front page (important). It can be a webinar, ebook, or a subscription box with some words that can make your readers subscribe.

[h]Where to place the Subscribe Box?[/h]

You can place it literally anywhere on your blog and you know that. But I think we should focus on placing it in some positions where it gets maximum attraction and where the possibilities for conversion are more. And that positions change from blog to blog. So, you should keep experimenting to find the best position for your subscription box.

Some of the best positions for other blogs are:

  • Below post
  • Sidebar (Sticky Recommended)
  • Middle of the post (Not always recommended)
  • Popup (Sometimes annoying too.)

Wrapping up: You know everything may not work as same everywhere. You should keep experimenting to get proper conversions. So, keep commenting if you need any help or want to know something related to blogging.

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