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How a Single Plugin Increased Email Sign Ups to 1000 a Month

Written by Adarsh M

Getting 1000 email sign ups (newsletter) a month is nothing new. But for someone like me or many of the new bloggers, it’s a treasure and that is definitely a success for me.

Do you know, what makes this more SPECIAL or why am I calling this a SUCCESS?

The blog I used for this experiment was getting only 100-256 page views per day (And that wasn’t completely Organic).

Yes, you heard it right!

That’s only 100-170 users visited the site every day and from that 40% of the people signed up for my newsletter.

The site has converted almost 40% of the traffic. So, what’s special about this? Anyone can get more than this, right?

The site didn’t get more than 5 email sign ups in a whole year before applying the new method.

So, what was the change I made? I installed a plugin.

But was that just because of that plugin?

No, I can say that – No, it’s not the only reason. (You can see the plugin in too!)

Before coming to the point, I would like to tell you that, this is not a biased review written for money or anything in return. I’m writing this because I found it useful in a site of mine, where there were no (negligible) email sign ups in the past one year.

    More about the blog I used for Experimenting

  1. It was a Blogging Niche site.
  2. The maximum sign ups before implementing the change were 5 email sign ups (almost took a year for that).
  3. Maximum page views per day were 256 (It is now over 400 per day).
  4. Maximum users per day were 190 (it’s now over 270).
  5. No regular content publishing or updating.
  6. Didn’t give any incentive for sign up before, on and after the experiment (There was a giveaway, but the email IDs collected from it wasn’t included in this).

    About the Experiment

It wasn’t an intentional experiment. I saw the advertisement of the plugin boosted by Deepak Kanakaraju while browsing Facebook. The plugin was in beta stage at that moment and there was no premium version for this plugin, it was completely free (Now it have premium plans). It was looking awesome and I thought it would look great (yes, added it for the improving the looks. Web designer here!).

It took me around 2 minutes for the signup and to verify the email id.

I experimented using the plugin with several changes and found some things are working better than other. I will share those things with you here.

The Plugin is OptinChat :p Sorry, I took some time to reveal the plugin name. But I know that you have already guessed the name when I said about the ad and the one who ran the ad.

    Preparations before the experiment

  • Read some articles about increasing subscribers.
  • Analyzed some sites that are popular in the niche I’m experimenting.
  • Analyzed some sites using OptinChat.

    Installing OptinChat

Installing OptinChat was done in a time less than 10 minutes. There are no complex installation steps for OptinChat. It can be installed by adding a single line of code or if you are a WordPress user, then you have a plugin to install it.

Using the OptinChat WordPress plugin is recommended for better functioning of the plugin. If you are using any other platforms like Blogger, then you can use the available JavaScript to install OptinChat on your site.

  1. Click here to Sign up for OptinChat (Not affiliate link)
  2. Sign up using your email id and verify the email id.
  3. You will be redirected to Question Builder Page, where you can give the necessary questions and replies expected.
  4. Download the WordPress plugin and install on your site or copy the JavaScript and paste it before closing the </ head> tag.
  5. The plugin is installed. You can customize it according to your needs from the OptinChat control panel.


After installation, the main challenge was to prepare questions for the campaign.

  • There should be a reason for the visitors to click on it.
  • If they clicked on it, there should be some reason for them to reply to the questions.
  • There should be a reason for them to give us their email id.

Nobody likes to get spammed! (And I don’t like to spam) So, people won’t reveal their personal details as soon as someone asks for their it.

And I thought about giving some incentives for free for the signup, an ebook or something useful for bloggers. But really, I’m too lazy to write an ebook.

So, the challenge got bigger!

What should I do? What should I do to increase email sign ups? What should I give them for signing up for email?

All these questions haunted me for around a week. I couldn’t find anything that works (for me!).

  • Pop ups didn’t convert for that site.
  • Optin below the post didn’t make a difference for that site.
  • Push notifications worked better.
  • Subscribe box in the sidebar have collected 4-5 email ids a year.

As I said, creating engaging questions was the main challenge. Because we need to attract readers to the OptinChat icon to make them sign up for the newsletter.

I was confused about the question and so I checked out few sites using OptinChat, bloggersideas, and shoutmeloud was some of them.

I was impressed by the questions asked by them and the OptinChat gave the feel of a live chat too!

    What did I understand from those questions?

  • Should ask something related and eye-catching.
  • Should be related to the niche.
  • Should use the keywords related to the niche (People love secrets).

So, do you want to know what were my questions?

I was actually experimenting with questions, and so I asked about many things that people would love.

I asked them,

Do you want to start your own blog for almost zero cost?

Well, I got almost 5 sign ups per day. And it’s better than 5 sign ups a year. This was the intro text and it was catching some eyes. But we need more eyes to see this!

I changed the intro text to

do you want to make money online without investment?

We got more response from the readers after using this as the intro text and got an average of 65 clicks daily. And it went up to 40 sign ups recently (a few months ago).

It worked more than anything I have ever used for collecting subscribers.

PS: I have tried many questions in-between for testing the conversion and the questions I shared are the ones which have collected more email ids a day.

After the intro text you can ask a similar question like, do you want to learn WordPress? Sign Up for my free WP Course. etc. You can also place links on your question or on the reply for the answer from the user, you have options for it in the plugin dashboard.

    What if this didn’t work for me?

This is a possible question. Do you know why people subscribed to my list? Is it because of Quality content? Incentives? or anything else? A partial YES is the answer. But there’s another factor that helped in high conversion.

And that is Targeted Traffic. Almost 70% of the traffic was targeted.

The traffic received is not from any traffic generation sites. The main sources were Google (organic), Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.

So, if you don’t find any increase in email sign ups, then you should concentrate on increasing your Targeted traffic.

The experiment to increase targeted traffic is still going on and I will update you with the method if you are subscribed to our updates.

If you are still struggling to increase email sign ups? try the plugin OptinChat and do an experiment with different questions using the eye catching keywords in your niche and do let me know your success story!

See you in comments!

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Adarsh M

Adarsh.M is a blogger, web designer, Brand Strategist at BlogBing and a Student from Thalassery, Kerala, India. He writes about WordPress, SEO and marketing on and his other blogs.

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