How to download Instagram photos and videos online

Instagram is a social media application which is exclusively for sharing photos and videos to your friends and family members.

Instagram has been recognized as a Best locally made app in 2011 by SF WEEKLY web awards.

Now everyone is having an Instagram account and people are enjoying the filters and effects provided by Instagram. It became easy to stay in touch with the people and also know what is going in their life with these Instagram pictures and videos. But people find it hard to know that these media from Instagram have no download options.

Sometimes people take the photo directly from the Instagram application and upload it and find it difficult to download into their photo. Some other people try taking screenshots from Instagram and using them but this will give you the same resolutions.

Don’t worry about it now, we have an option to download Instagram photos and videos online. It is better to use an online website to download the image or videos than installing an application or taking a screenshot.

Now using these download websites download your friends and family members photos and add to your gallery.

Read the article completely to know how to download Instagram photos and videos online. These are some websites which help you to download Instagram photos and videos online.

DownloadGram, InstaSave, Instagram downloader and Gramsave.

These all websites are free to use and these websites are very user-friendly. I can tell you that you can get your download within no time by using these online websites.

Process that has to be followed to download Instagram photo or video:

Step 1: Open your Instagram account and go to the photo or video that you want to download.
Step 2: Right click on image or video that you want to download.
Step 3: click on “copy URL link” from the options that will appear once you right click.
Step 4: Open your browser and navigate to any of the links that we have provided before.

For example
Step 5: Once the page is opened you can see a box to enter the URL link. Normally cursor will automatically appear there. Press the cursor for 2 seconds and click on paste option
Step 6: Once the link is pasted then click on the download option that will appear below the URL dialog box.
Step 7: Your photo or video will be downloaded and you can see when it pops up saying download completed or it can also be viewed in your photo gallery.

The process will be the same for all the websites that are already provided to you. Hoping that this article is useful to you to download Instagram photos and videos. Why are waiting then just go and download Instagram photos and videos that you wanted to download to download from so long?

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