How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress

How doesn’t want subscribers to their YouTube channel? We will show you how to add YouTube subscribe button on your blog and get more subscribers and promote your videos.

In this article, we will show you how to add YouTube subscribe button on your blog. The button will look like what is shown in the image.

We’re using a plugin made by Team WPBeginner. The plugin YouTube Subscribe Bar helps to add the subscribe button under every video we embed on our blog.

1. Install and Activate the plugin.

You can search for the plugin YouTube Subscribe Bar in WordPress repository or download and upload the plugin to your site.

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2. You should configure the plugin.

YouTube Subscribe Bar
YouTube Subscribe Bar
  • You can give YouTube Channel ID or YouTube Channel name in the first box.

If you prefer giving channel ID like I did, you can follow this method to find your YouTube channel ID from the Advanced settings page.

Subscribe to Creative Twenty


  • Subscriber button layout has two options, ‘Small’ and ‘Full’. In which ‘small’ doesn’t show the channel icon whereas ‘Full’ shows the channel icon before the subscribe button.
  • You can show or hide Subscribers count using the option available.
  • You can change the Subscribe to channel text to change the text before the Subscribe button.

Once you are done with the necessary changes, click on Save Changes.


This method works only with oEmbed videos. These are the videos that are embedded into a post without using iframes. You can directly copy and paste the URL of the video you want to embed in the blog post directly. Just copy and paste the URL and wait for a second to show the thumbnail in the post editor.

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