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Do you want to create a free logo for your brand?

When I asked this to my friend, he replied, “Are you kidding me? A free logo for a brand? I can imagine the quality of the logo without even seeing it.”, and I showed him DesignEvo.

Now, he is using the logo from DesignEvo!

The story may seem like a cooked up TV commercial, but it is not.

I was no different when I heard about it for the first time online. But it was all different when I saw the collection of professional logos in DesignEvo.

I couldn’t choose one logo from it, because I liked many of it. And all of them were free (there are some limitations for free plan).

When I found the logo I need, I bought the premium plus plan, because it has almost all the features I need and the logo was worth the price.

What is DesingEvo

DesignEvo is a free logo maker and has a collection of 4000+ logo templates. It is a cloud based application and has android and ios app. So, you can access it from anywhere, if you have an internet connection.

I don’t think that all the logos in the collection are professional designs, but most of them are good. And as it is free, it is worth a look of you!

If you have some idea about your logo and want to create your own, DesignEvo has ‘build from scratch’ enabled for you.


Features of DesignEvo

You will like these features of DesignEvo,

  •  There are many templates in different categories. You can use any keywords to find the logo you need.
  • Stylish fonts and icons that are professionally designed.
  • Fully customizable logos.
  • Free and premium plans.
  • You can download vector files and font files.
  • Cloud based, so access from anywhere without downloading any software.


DesignEvo Premium Plan

If you are looking for a higher quality logo, then you have DesignEvo premium plan. Also, the free plan has some limitations. It won’t give you the copyright of the logo. But the higher plan will give you copyright of your logo and you can download it in different file formats.

Review- DesignEvo

It is one of the best free logo maker tool. And it has professional logos suitable for a lot of niches but you need to look for the perfect logo for you. And it is recommended to use the web version.

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