Convert Voice to Text Free on Your Android Phone (With Voice Recognition)

Have you ever thought about an app that can convert voice to written notes?

While I was looking for a different app in the Google play store, I saw this amazing app that can record and transcribe (English) words.

It’s available for ios and Android devices. So, it is a great tool for anyone, you can record anything from where ever you are.

It’s going to help someone who can’t type fast or who has no time to type large files. They can use Otter to record and transcribe the data without typing the whole notes..

Otter Voice Notes for English – Apps on Google Play
Otter Voice Notes for English – Apps on Google Play

Otter is a free app, and you can record 600 free minutes a month, which is 10 hours of free recording. So, if you are a fast speaker and you can clearly pronounce words, you can transcribe large documents for free or if you have larger files, you can buy the premium for $10 a month.

Are you going to try this app now?


Do you need this app?

You need this app,

  • if you are a person who has a lot of typing work, and you don’t want to type so much of text.
  • if you want to document something fast and with almost no errors.

And if you are looking for a business purpose or if you want more than 10 hours of recording a month, then you need the premium version.

Otter Voice Notes Pricing Otter ai.png
Otter Voice Notes Pricing Otter ai.png

The app is affordable and the pricing is great.


Voice Recognition

Ambient Voice Intelligence

  • Automatic Speech Recognition

    Record and assign the name for each voice, and Otter will automatically recognize the voice. If you are in a meeting, you can record the words of everyone separately and Otter will identify every voice.
  • Speaker Identification

    Otter identifies the speaker listening to the voice. When two or more people are talking, Otter identifies every voice.
  • Speaker Separation

    When you are taking with a person or many other persons, each voice will be identified separately and will be written and shown as different speaker when voice is converted into text.
  • Speech-and-Text Sync

  • Deep Content Search

The app allows you to record your voice once and it will automatically recognize your voice from then.

If you are in a meeting and recording voice, you can assign the voice to different people and from then, the app will do the speaker recognition, speaker separation, sync, etc.

Also, the app is fast and need internet to work.

You can download the app here.

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