Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps for Android in 2018

Usage of Bitcoin wallet is incredibly increasing day by day. Along with the increase in the usage applications that offers Bitcoin wallet also increased. Out of all if you are trying to find out which application is best for Bitcoin wallet then you have arrived at the right place.

There are numerous applications which provide the Bitcoin wallet but only some applications are easy to use and also safe. Read the article completely to know Best Bitcoin wallet apps for android in 2018

Here is the list of applications of best Bitcoin wallet apps for android to use in 2018

1. Coinbase

If you are trying to find out the safest Bitcoin wallet application then Coinbase is the best application. It offers a Bitcoin wallet for Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin games, and trading. It is very easy to buy and sell Bitcoins easily and instantly. Codebase stores Bitcoin safely without any fees. We can also request for Bitcoins through Coinbase. You can always set a passcode to protect the application.

Download link: Click here.

2. Mycelium

Like any other Bitcoin wallet application, this also provides the same features. In addition, it also has an unparalleled cold storage facility which helps for full security for the funds. Private keys were fully under control and it has the capacity to manage multiple accounts. It has a local trader feature which helps us to find other people who are trading.

3. Bitcoin wallet

It is the first-ever application of Bitcoin wallet which offers reliable features and services. We can use the live exchange rates and QR code scanner to make payments. It has the conversation to the national currency and from the national currency. No need to worry about the address of the partners always because it has an address book which can store addresses. Using Bluetooth you can still pay when you are in offline. The bitcoin wallet is decentralized.

4. Bitpay

Bitpay is the most used application and with customized features. We can say it in simple as tailor made. Everything secure and easy. For every transfer and payments, you get notified with an email. It provides a smooth flow for group payments. It can also support multiple languages. Wallet name and background can also be changed according to your wish. More than 150 pricing options will be supported by Bitpay.

5. Xapo

Xapo will give you a smooth flow of operations. Xapo not only deals with Bitcoin but also with multiple currencies. Xapo is one of the applications in the industry that is leading which manages Bitcoin along with other currencies. It had a simple process which will take less time. It can convert, send and receive all the currencies in the world. Chatting option also available in this Xapo and can send money using email address instantly.

These are applications which are effective and efficient for Bitcoin transactions. Hoping that this article is really useful and informative for you. Just install the best Bitcoin wallet application and carry out your transactions.

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